What will happen to world’s energy crisis ?
Only reliable & most profitable green electricity solution - ARC

A non conventional energy source for production of electricity is coming forward. Electricity can be generated from the energy of waves, without relying on rain, not building dams, without immersing any piece of land in flood, without consuming any fuel, without challenging any single life form and without causing pollution and environmental threats. Air Relay Current project will surely be an undisputed and always available source of energy.
The project, actually concieved in 1993 and subsequently presented before the Research & Planning division of KSEB and then the Science Technology & Environment Committe and ANERT in due course, is developed to perfection through incessant studies for the last two decades.

ARC : Main Advantages of the Project

1. Air Relay Current is the one and only such projects in which continuous generation of electricity is possible without relying on rain and other energy sources and this is environmently friendly.
2. As here not any fuels are used, no pollution is taking place. Further more no cost related to fuels are involved.
3. No dams required for collecting water. The result is that not even a single cent of land will be flooded. The generation of electricity will not be stopped except a few occasions.
4. The project needs sea and its coast. No need of evacuation of people.
5. Not affects the area for fishing, water transport, tourism etc., only the costal area is needed.
6. The project doesn’t affect the environment, people and the society in any way.
7. Small scale plants generating upto 2 mega watt electricity are proposed to install. The generated electricity can be distributed locally and thus transmission loss can be avoided.
8. Once installed, very less maintenance cost is needed.
9. The project area would be comparitively safe from sea surge. This will invariably protect the coastal area of the country without any additional financial investment.
10. The implementation of such projects will invariably help in establishing transporting facilities through the eastern and western coastal region of the country.
11. This project, which is entirely different and innovative from the existing wave energy projects, will help our country in solving the electricity shortage problems. The fuels that we ignite today for the energy production plants can be utilised for other purposes as well.

Details Regarding the ARC Project

What is Air Relay Current?

The technology for exploiting the maximun energy of the waves is developed through many researches and our sixth model is found the most effective. The ups and downs of the waves, the intervels between the waves, the difference in the power of waves, tides etc. were the challenging components in testing the practicality of the project in its beginnig phases. All thses challenges were solved and thus the Air Relay Current project is now a reality.

The Location of the Project

Each electricity generating station will be established so as to utilise the wave energy from 100 to 150 metres of coastal area. The machineries will be erected along 30 metre wide area which are usually less utilised area in the beaches. Land for a powerhouse to generate 2 mega watt electricity also is needed behind the machinery for each unit. This can be made available from the public property easily. This will be possible in all the suitable beaches.

Why Air Relay Current is Feasible?

Just compare the advantages of Air Relay Currecnt (given on page 1 of this document) with conventional methods to realise the difference. As per our assessment, it is possible to generate aroud 2000 mega watts electricity from the coastal land which lay unused in Kerala state itself.

We should realise the truth that the power shortage of our country cannot be tackled unless we get ready to exploit the wave power to generate electricity. The real problem before us is not the lack of alternate ideas or ways, but the indifferent attitude that prevents us to step away from the conventional ways. Having done 22 yrs of research, we have found an answer, that is ARC. And will be proved to the world by year 2013.